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[The Ahimsa House logo is displayed in front of a white background. It is a purple hand with a heart in the middle, with the words “Ahimsa House” written in olive green below it, and “Rescue. Rebuild. Reunite.” below that. The image fades into the next scene.]
[Ahimsa House Executive Director, Myra Rasnick, sits in front of a blank wall wearing a purple shirt with the Ahimsa House logo on it. She narrates the entire video.]
Ahimsa House is a nonprofit organization in Georgia that assists human and animal victims of domestic violence. Studies show that abusers threaten, harm, or even kill a family pet as a means of control over victims. Approximately half of victims of domestic violence report that they delayed seeking safety for themselves out of concern for a beloved pet. Anywhere in Georgia and at no charge to victims, Ahimsa House offers safe housing for pets while victims seek safety for themselves, and reunite them with their pets once safe and stable housing is secured. We provide veterinary care for pets including preventative care as well as treatment of any injuries or illnesses caused by neglect or abuse. We have a 24-hour crisis line on which we provide crisis intervention and safety planning.
[An Ahimsa House employee picks up a phone and holds it to her ear. Myra is still narrating.]
Last year, Ahimsa House’s crisis line received over 3,800 calls and we helped
[A former Ahimsa House client and her two sons are reunited with their two small dogs. They open the crate which is sitting in the back of an open SUV and the woman and her older son each pick up a dog. The dogs are wagging their tails. Myra is still narrating.]
186 humans escape domestic violence with their 321 pets.
[The video again shows Myra sitting against a blank wall, speaking.]
Donations from individuals like you enable us to continue these life-saving services to the people and pets of Georgia. Thank you for considering a donation to Ahimsa House.