Ally's House: Helping courageous kids as they fight cancer

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Ally's House

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Speaker 1: Every year, 150 parents in Oklahoma hear the terrible words, "Your child
has cancer". One organization is here for each and every one of these families, Ally's
House. Ally's House helps cover costs such as mortgage or rent payments, medical
costs, household bills, and transportation to and from treatment. Ally's legacy has
become a powerful one. Since the organization founded in her honor began its mission,
the commitment of her family and supporters has resulted in compassionate support for
many families.
Valerie Franklin: Going through a very traumatic cancer diagnosis, helping us with
taking some weight off.
Renee McNall: What I have enjoyed about Ally's House is it's been coming from a
parent's perspective of what they saw was needed to support families.
Speaker 1: Visit or plugin on social media. Help us in protecting our
most valuable resource, our children.