The ALS Association St. Louis Regional Chapter

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The ALS Association St. Louis Regional Chapter

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Intro slide - This year, we are facing the challenges of COVID-19. But we at the ALS Association know we can't wait to help people with ALS in our community.

Anna Zelinke, Director of Programs and Services for Patient Care: ALS is a intramuscular disease and it disrupts the messages between the brain and the muscles and overtime impacts a person's ability to use their hands, to walk, to talk, and eventually to breathe and the average life span is only two to gives years after that the person is diagnosed. People with ALS battle the simplest things on a daily basis and end up having to depend on a caregiver for everyday tasks while we continue to fight for a cure, our programs and services are designed to reduce the impact of this awful disease. These programs and services cover all aspects of the disease and our Care Service Coordinators provide compassionate care and support in a partnership with people with ALS and their families who battle this every single day.

Exit slide - ALS does not stop. Neither do we.