Angela Hospice: Our Mission of Caring

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[View of fountain and gardens.

A woman pushes a man in a wheelchair along a garden path.]

{Voice Over}
Navigating care for yourself or a loved one can be overwhelming at times, but you don’t have to do it alone. At Angela Hospice, we’re here to make the journey with you.

[A family is having a meeting with a social worker.

A nurse practitioner and a family member are seated in front of a window, discussing care.

A Music Therapist plays guitar for a patient in a bed who sings along.]

{Voice Over}
The compassionate team at Angela Hospice can show you your options, help you decide what steps to take, and ensure you and your family receive the best care possible.

[Closeup of a woman’s face, looking peacefully out a window.]

{Voice Over}
If hospice is the best option for you, we’ll take care of you mind, body, and spirit, so you can focus on living life your way.

[A nun in a white habit is having a conversation with another woman.

A volunteer brings a golden retriever to visit a patient for pet therapy.

A family sits together on the couch.

A woman is greeted by a man in front of a fireplace. Another woman gives her a hug.]

{Voice Over}
Founded by the Felician Sisters, and rooted on values of compassion and respect, our team comes to you wherever you call home – or you can stay with us in our beautiful, award-winning hospice facility.

[A grandmother looks on as her granddaughter pays with blocks in a colorful child’s playroom.]

{Voice Over}
Your comfort and peace of mind is our top priority. That’s why families tell us time and time again — they wish they had called us sooner.

[A woman is seated in her dining room and petting her dog.]

[Nurses look over notes together at the Care Center nurses station.]

{Voice of Woman shown on screen}
It’s unbelievable how much they help you emotionally, because facing death every day is a tough deal. The nurses are phenomenal. You know, it’s become quite the little family for me.

[Angela Hospice logo and WE’LL TAKE YOU UNDER OUR WING appears on screen. Below that is website address, phone number, and address:, 734-464-7810, 14100 Newburgh Road, Livonia, MI 48154]

{Voice Over}
At Angela Hospice, we’ll take you under our wing.