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ARCA staff Jeanne is with Geoffrey, Tim, and two other clients. They are in the van in the grocery store parking lot.

Jeanne: What are we making today you guys?

Geoffrey, Tim, Clients: Enchiladas

Jeanne: Okay, enchiladas. I need someone to be in charge of the cart.

Tim: Me!

Jeanne is being interviewed at a separate time and location. Her audio continues as the group walks into the grocery store, putting ingredients into a bag. Jeanne is using a visual prompt with photos of the enchilada ingredients, showing it to the individuals to help them identify the ingredients needed.

Jeanne: Person-centered supports mean customized supports for each individual. We’re working on counting, being able to identify things on a grocery list.

Jeanne: What are these?

Geoffrey: Oranges

Jeanne: Well it looks like an orange, doesn’t it?

Geoffrey: Tomatoes

Jeanne: Tomatoes, yes!

Tim: Yeah, Geoffrey!

Jeanne: No matter what the needs of the people that we provide services for, they can be empowered to be active participants in our community.

They are continuing to shop when Tim drives the shopping cart into a display.

Jeanne: Where did you get your license?

Tim: (laughs) Very funny, Jeanne!

Jeanne: And that’s the most fun thing about my job, for the individuals to have success.

They are checking out and leaving the grocery story.

Tim: This was great, huh Jeanne?

Jeanne: Everybody did great today.

Narrator: Your gift to ARCA helps 600 children and adults lead great lives. Please give to ARCA today.