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The video features North Shore Studio abstract artist Cole Fox. Cole uses a dynavox to describe Arts of Life.
Text: "Meet Cole 'Wildman' Fox. Cole is an artist at Arts of Life (A.O.L.). A.O.L. is a Chicago and Glenview based art studio for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities."
Cole: “This is an awesome place where disabilities don’t matter. We are all equal here. The studio is a fun place. We are silly. On an average day here we sing, laugh, dance, and of course there is art making.”
Text: "Cole is an abstract painter. The staff designed a special brush so that Cole would be able to paint."
Cole: “I love my peers at A.O.L. We are a close community that supports one another. They are my best friends."
Text: "Select CFC #12865 to support Cole and other artists like him."
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