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United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR)

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[music plays]
[Rapid images people smiling, building, farming, delivering supplies. Images stop on still of UMCOR logo on back of someone’s shirt.]
Narrator: For 75 years UMCOR has been called to be the hands and feet of Christ...
[Images of people carrying supplies marked with UMCOR logo, nailing down tarps on damaged roofs, holding hands in a circle with head’s bowed.]
Narrator: a world weary with suffering and in need of hope. Through donations of
money, time, skill, and prayer, United Methodists have supported UMCOR in
its work of witnessing for peace, restoring lives, addressing injustice and joining with others to build a sustainable future for a multitude of people in need.
[Images of people farming, moving supplies, cleaning debris, often with bags or boxes marked with UMCOR logo nearby.]
Narrator: To provide aid to those affected by earthquakes, famine,
floods, tsunamis, civil strife, hunger, poverty, and countless other
devastating circumstances.
[Still image: people stand in circle with hands outstretched toward central person with head bowed.]
[Still image: group of people carry bags of supplies on their heads.]
And today, the amazing hands of UMCOR reach lives in over 80 countries
worldwide, and today because of you…
[Still image of medical workers looking over paperwork.]
UMCOR stands poised to begin the next chapter in its amazing history.
[Children playing outside a building stop and smile at the camera.]
[Rapid still images of families, volunteers, pilots, and workers.]
Be love, be hope, be UMCOR.
[Graphic logo: Celebrating 75 years of UMCOR, United Methodist Committee on Relief. Text fades in bottom right Global Ministries, General Board of Global Ministries.]