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We explain the need for brain treatment for Veterans with brain injuries. We hear testimony of several who have been through the treatment and how it impacted them, as well as seeing some of the modalities of treatment in action.

Donna Cranston - CEO Defenders of Freedom. Traumatic brain injury is the signature wound of post 9-11 veterans. Many times it is going undiagnosed and untreated or it's being lumped into post-traumatic stress diagnosis. They are two different injuries. Over the past 17 years of working with veterans we have learned that TBI is the underlying cause for many in their struggles as they transition to civilian life. Defenders of Freedom offers veterans treatment for brain injury through a functional neurology program at Resiliency Brain Health in Coppell, Texas.

Veteran: Before this treatment, I don't remember the last time I naturally felt sleepy, but I'm sleeping again at night, and it started immediately.

Veteran: No doubt whatsoever there was a marked change in my life, in my mental health, in my outlook after completing this program.

Veteran: Thank you Defenders of Freedom, thank you to all the donors, and if you're watching this and considering to donate I highly encourage you because it will change a veteran's life, it's changed mine.

Defenders of Freedom.
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