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Narrated by Winston Duke
Animation: Four hands lay in the center of the screen, placing newspapers, a notebook and a map
Narrator: Partners in Health started as a revolutionary idea, among a group of friends who believed they could help those who needed it most.
[music plays]
Animation: the map zooms into the country of Haiti
Narrator: They began working in Haiti,
Animation: the map morphs into rolling hills
Narrator: finding friends,
Animation: the hills morph into first a small house, then the community grows to include other buildings and people walking
Narrator: and partners in the community and government. And together, delivered quality healthcare to patients through accompaniment.
Animation: a PIH staff member is working with a child and parent inside their home
Narrator: It means being there with and for patients as long as it takes.
Animation: the child hugs the PIH staffer and then the staffer listens to the heartbeat of the parent
Narrator: Because when it comes to providing health care, patients are the bosses.
Animation: The map reappears, zooming out of Haiti to highlight all of the countries PIH works in in orange
Narrator: Over the past 30 years, PIH’s efforts have expanded to 11 countries and through it all, accompaniment has remained essential to achieving Global Health Equity.
Animation: The map zooms out to a spinning globe of the earth. Icons to represent stuff, staff, space, systems and support appear and circle around the globe.
Narrator: With the right stuff, staff, space, systems, and support, PIH can continue to create the building blocks of good health everywhere
Animation: The globe morphs into a sun that’s setting over some hills and a winding path
Narrator: and not just tip the scales of justice, but pave the road to a better
Animation: The sun morphs into the same orange background with the four hands shown at the beginning of the video
Narrator: and healthier future for all.
Orange screen with the white PIH logo appears, with the tagline Injustice has a cure and the website
[music fades]