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CFC Video Description
The video begins with Joe, a Food Bank client, telling us how his family has been affected by the pandemic. A narrator describes how the Food Bank is meeting the increased need through the Food Bank’s network of Mobile Food Pantries and partner pantries. The Food Bank supports families during the summer by providing summer meals for kids. Older adults also receive help through the Food Bank’s Commodity Supplemental Food Program and Healthy Options Program for the Elderly. In addition to food assistance, the Food Bank also has a social services team that helps individuals apply for state benefits. The video ends with Joe saying how happy he that he doesn’t have to worry about food for his family.
Description of the video is as followed:
The Central Texas Food Bank logo, a carrot, appears. The words centraltexasfoodbank.org appear below the carrot.
Aerial view of a food bank distribution includes many rows of cars waiting in line. At a distance, Food Bank trucks are parked and cars are driving through the distribution line.
A man is directing vehicles. Two SUV’s are moving in a parking lot. A Food Bank truck is in the background.
A picture of a man wearing glasses and a face mask is sitting in his red vehicle looking at the camera. The title cards say his name is Joe and he is a first-time Food Bank client.
A man in an orange reflective vest is holding a “slow” sign in his hand and motioning a vehicle to come forward and then stop. The vehicle moves forward and then stops as directed.
A man is moving a pallet of milks in crates with a pallet jack. There’s other individuals standing in the background.
Two vehicles are motionless as they wait to receive food. A volunteer opens a white car’s trunk. Three volunteers are holding boxes of food. One volunteer puts food in the car’s trunk while the others wait.
A volunteer in a vest moves towards an car that has its trunk open. The volunteer is holding two gallons of milk in the left hand and places milk in the trunk.
An out of focus playground becomes focused.
A sign saying Southwest Trails includes arrows pointing towards the Leasing Office and Learning Center. The apartment complex is in the background.
A girl and a boy sitting on a red carpet are painting.
There’s a Food Bank banner outside of a building with the words “Kids and Teens Eat Here for Free. Niños y adolescentes comen aquí gratis. Visit www.centraltexasfoodbank.org/sfsp
Sealed meal trays of spaghetti and celery are coming out of a sealing machine.
A boy is eating from a Food Bank meal tray and is slurping spaghetti. There’s kids in the background.
An apartment sign comes into focus. The sign says “Heritage Pointe, A senior community”.
A woman is bending over and is filling out a sheet on a clipboard. The pen she is holding has a flower. Her walker is next to her.
A box is three-quarters full with cans of food. Someone is putting cans in the box, but only the hands can be seen.
Someone is holding a brown bag while another person puts cans of food in the bag.
Two women are standing in front of an open trunk. One woman is holding a box of food.
A sign saying “Social Services Waiting Room” is in focus. The Central Texas Food Bank’s logo and a desk can be seen through the glass in the background.
A Food Bank Staff member sitting at a desk takes out a clipboard. A woman sits in a chair facing the Food Bank staff member. Both women are wearing facemasks.
A close up of a hand filling out a sheet on a clipboard.
There’s a slow zoom in on a picture of a Joe, wearing glasses and a face mask as he sits in his red vehicle looking at the camera.

Full Video Transcript
Joe: My wife, she’s been furloughed. So we had two incomes to sustain our household, but now it’s basically off of mine. My concern is being able to feed my five-year-old. That they don’t go hungry.
Narrator: The Food Bank continues to meet the increased need during COVID-19 through our network of mobile food pantries and 260 partner pantries across our 21-county service territory.
Narrator: With summer upon us and children at home, we know that work disruptions and higher utility bills can cause strain on families. This summer we’ll provide free, weekly meal packs to children ages 18 and under.
Narrator: While COVID-19 is a great concern for everyone. Our older neighbors are amongst the most vulnerable. The Food Bank’s Commodity Supplemental Food Program and Healthy Options Program for the Elderly provides low-income seniors enrolled in the program a box of groceries each month.
Narrator: In addition to food assistance, we also have a social services team to help individuals apply for state benefits.
Narrator: We pride ourselves in providing essential services to our neighbors.
Joe: It makes me grateful, it makes me happy that I don’t have to worry about how am I going to put food on the table.