Child Advocacy Center Program Services

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Child Advocacy Center of Rutherford County, Inc.

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1 out of 10 children will be sexually abused before their 18th birthday.

The Child Advocacy Center Works as a multidisciplinary team to respond to child abuse cases
Department of Children’s Services protects children
Law enforcement investigates the crime and arrests perpetrators
The District Attorney’s Office aggressively prosecutes offenders
The Child Advocacy Center interviews child abuse victims,
Helps children heal from the trauma of the abuse,
And helps families rebuild their shattered lives.

The Child Advocacy Center provides intensive home visits with parents and children
To help break the generational cycle of alcohol and drug addiction
The Child Advocacy Center educates parents, grandparents, and professionals
How to protect their children from child sexual abuse and report abuse

To report suspected abuse and activate the Child Protective Investigative Team
Call Department of Children’s Services at 1-888-237-0004
Together we can protect children

And make a difference in children’s lives