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Greetings from Mali. We are at Zorokoro Children’s Complex.
I am Kadiatou Fatouma Sidibe, a US Veteran, having served in the US Navy for 25 years. I am also the founder of A Child for All, which is a US based nonprofit organization that supports vulnerable children in Mali.
44% of Mali’s population lives below the poverty line, of which 1 in 2 child is in the population. That means that 1 in 2 children live under the poverty line. We have more than 6,000 vulnerable children on the streets in Bamako [the capital of Mali].
Kadiatou and Diakaridia that we have here are one of those. They have been blessed to be part of A Child for All. We provide nutrition, education, healthcare and shelter to vulnerable children in Mali.
ACFA has been on CFC for more than 10 years. Our code is 47252. Please consider donating to A Child for All in CFC. And have a blessed day.