Children's Hospital & Greer Cofield

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Erlanger Health System Foundation

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Children’s Hospital at Erlanger Logo Appears

An adult male, Steven Wagner and teenage girl, Greer Cofield are on a front porch facing the camera. Greer is sitting on a porch swing and Steven is standing to the right leaning on the porch railing.

Steven: “Hi! I’m Steven Wagner, the Executive Director of Development for the Erlanger Health System Foundation.”

Greer: “And I’m Greer Cofield, a former patient and the 2020 Miracle Kid for Children’s Hospital at Erlanger.”

Steven: “We thank you for this opportunity to tell you why Children’s is so important to the community and why we need your help.”

Scene cuts to a series of images related to Greer Cofield’s injury and treatment.

(Image of Greer’s injured face and head, showing a significant laceration above her right eye.)

Greer: “Eight years ago, I suffered an accident where I was kicked in the head by a horse.”

(Image of an Erlanger LifeForce Helicopter flying in the air, then an image of several nurses working on an IV and prepping for patient care.)

Greer: “I had to be flown to Children’s Hospital at Erlanger where the staff and physicians quickly took care of me and put me back together.”

(Images of CT scans showing Greer’s skull fractured around her eye and the significant repairs that had to be done. Quickly followed by images of Greer laying in a hospital bed, being held by her father.)

Greer: “I had significant surgery and a long stay in the ICU.”

(Image of Greer and her parents standing in front of a LifeForce Helicopter giving a thumbs up sign. Switches to a picture of Greer standing in the ICU with hospital staff just before her release home.)

Greer: “Now I am back to doing what I love and I am still very involved in competitive equestrian riding. I am so grateful for the wonderful nurses and doctors who helped save my life.”

(Video cuts back to Greer and Steven on the porch.)

Greer: “Thank you so much for considering making a donation for Children’s Hospital at Erlanger.”

Steven: “In order to select Children’s Hospital at Erlanger, please select the Erlanger Health System Foundation from your drop down list and make your donation. Thank you so much for making a difference in the lives of kids in our community.”

Video fades to black.