Clean Water Changes Everything

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World Vision

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[girl collecting water in barren landscape] Shirou has no choice. She and millions like her must walk miles
everyday for dirty water.
[girl splashing water on her face] But together,
[footage of clean water] we can end their walk by providing clean water close by, instead of
spending hours walking to get water that makes them sick.
[girls in a classroom] Girls can be
in a classroom that expands their minds
[women laughing] and moms will gain back time to care for their families.
[children running into a school] Sons and daughters can grow up strong, finally free of sicknesses
caused by dirty water.
[water being released at a new well site] At World Vision, care about clean water runs
Deep enough to reach one new person with clean water every 10 seconds.
[footage of people carrying water in buckets, drinking or pumping clean water] Because every child, every person, everywhere, deserves clean water and
the chance to rise to their full potential.
It's true: when you just add water,
you change a life. Learn more at