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In the following video one of CRP's beneficiaries, Ameera, shares her story of how her life was forever changed after getting involved at CRP. She shares how she went from a state of isolation, after fleeing war and conflict, to then finding community and belonging at one of CRP's community centers in, Amman Jordan. Ameera went from participating in the different programs CRP offers to later volunteering and serving others at CRP. Below is the transcription of her story:
"When I came to CRP I felt very isolated and cut off from people. We started coming to CRP almost every day. I started to have meetings to attend, I was going out, studying and learning useful things. I started not only taking courses but I also started to help with the Super Girls program. CRP has become my second home. I'm a leader who makes those around her comfortable. We've all seen war and conflict and have lost people from our families and relatives, but we keep coming to this place (CRP), which is a safe space for us."
By supporting CRP you directly impact refugees and vulnerable Jordanians, residing in Amman, Jordan. Your help gets resources to people who desperately need their basic needs met as well as a place they can come and find community.