Community Bridges Girls Program

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Community Bridges, Inc.

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I started the program when I was in fourth grade. I am now a senior at Montgomery Blair High School.
I will be the first in my family that goes to college. Growing up,
my mom was a school bus driver.
My dad was a long-haul driver. Everyone around me spoke Spanish but at school
I was speaking English.
In second grade it was not an easy transition. Kids were just mean. I was a big girl, I still am.
but they loved to bully me. By the time I had gotten to fourth grade it had gotten really bad.
The counselors recommended me for the Community Bridges program.
And I remember walking in the first day and just nobody saying anything to me about my weight.
They just wanted to get to know me. It was just very welcoming
and now it's like when people tell me I'm well spoken.
I know that's 100% thanks to Community Bridges. I don't think I'd be the girl I am
without Community Bridges. I've seen my confidence grow.
I've seen my self-esteem grow. I've seen just everything about me blossom.