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Community Shares of Mid Ohio was created in 1992, and we have been serving the community for over 25 years. (charity code:30128) Community Shares of Mid Ohio has supported over 100 charities and thanks to our very generous donors, we have distributed over 10.6 million dollars to our member charities. (charity code:30128) This year, Community Shares of Mid Ohio has 68 member charities that represent a variety of causes animal rights and welfare, affordable housing, violence prevention, civil action, social justice, fostering education and the arts, youth and children's services, fighting hunger and malnutrition, healthy lifestyle choices, civic involvement, and environmental preservation. (charity code:30128) What brings Community Shares and our member charities together is our desire to create a more just, healthy and caring community for all. (charity code:30128) Community Shares does more than simply financially support our members. We offer the tools needed to succeed such as professional development opportunities, networking, and marketing. (charity code:30128) With the vast variety of social impact issues the Community Shares covers, I believe we can touch everyone's heart. (charity code:30128) Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support, because Community Shares, our member charities and all the nonprofits in the Combined Federal Campaign simply could not do this without you! (charity code:30128)