Cornerstone of Living

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Water for People

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[Music plays]
[Various landscapes, river, residential zone.]
[Woman standing in front of fence smiles at camera.]
Narrator: Water is not just the cornerstone of life, it is the cornerstone of living.
[Young girl works a manual water pump at the center of a village.]
Narrator: For women and girls in the nine countries where Water for People operates…
[Group of children play a game standing in a line, jumping over stretched ropes.]
Narrator: ...quality of life can change dramatically…
[Woman working manual pump, water streaming from faucet.]
Narrator: ...when there is reliable access to safe water.
[People walking down a dirt road, one woman carrying a blue bucket on her head.]
Narrator: Instead of walking countless hours to fetch water everyday, women have the time and opportunity to learn…
[Young girls in uniform sit in school.]
Narrator:, and become leaders in their communities…
[Views of women working, writing, or standing and smiling at the camera.]
Narrator: ...instead of worrying if their water is safe to drink.
[Man fills a water canister in a hazy river.]
Narrator: Women can focus on supporting their families, raising their
children, and creating a future for them that is better than their own.
[Scenes of women teaching, cooking, and carrying water buckets.]
Narrator: The women in these communities are a driving force for changing the status quo…
[Three adults stand in front of many school children in blue uniforms.]
Narrator: ...because they know they are not just helping themselves.
[Children in uniforms wash their hands and faces at an array of faucets outside a building.]
Narrator: They are leaving a legacy of health and happiness for all the women and girls to come.
[Young woman smiles at the camera.]
[Many children in uniform raise hands and wave as they cheer.]
[Sunset with graphic overlay reads: water for people, everyone, forever,]
Narrator: Water for People