CSSUP Current Functioning September 2020

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Catholic Social Services of the U.P.

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CSSUP Current Functioning September 2020 Video

Slide 1: Catholic Social Services of the Upper Peninsula (Picture of Logo)

Slide 2: Catholic Social Services of the Upper Peninsula wants you to know that we are here for you. (Sentence only)

Slide 3: Working in the spirit of God’s universal love… (Picture of arms open wide facing sun in the break of the clouds)

Slide 4: our mission is to nurture, stabilize, strengthen, and advocate for the diverse families in the U.P. (four rows of people smiling and waving hello)

Slide 5: We recognize times are difficult and scary during this pandemic. (COVID-19 background)

Slide 6: CSSUP wants you to know we continue to serve. (The word Corona background)

Slide 7: The employees of CSSUP made the decision to serve for the greater good, despite the risks (Sentence only)

Slide 8: Our professional counselors, child welfare workers, and staff performed incredible acts of healing every day during this crisis. (Person at desk looking at laptop with virtual meeting room on laptop screen)

Slide 9: To continue to providing quality and responsive services. (Sentence only)

Slide 10: Our agency has implemented COVID-19 safety precautions and procedures (Four people with masks sitting at desks with computers)

Slide 11: BEHAVIORAL HEALTH – Tele-health services are being provided in addition to in-person sessions (Video of someone talking to someone on a tablet)

Slide 12: CHILD WELFARE – CSSUP has received an increase in referrals for families and children in need. (Picture of Mom and child looking down at something)

Slide 13: CHILD WELFARE – Our child welfare team is working hard recruiting foster homes to provide more safe places for children in need. (Sentence only)

Slide 14: CSSUP ALPHA OMEGA Recovery Housing – Both recovery houses remain at capacity and continue to receive referrals to fill available vacancies. (Picture of two Alpha Omega homes)

Slide 15: Rest assured, we continue to walk with the most vulnerable members of our community to provide them the care and support they need to heal and grow. (Picture of a person with their hands covering another person’s hands)

Slide 16: CSSUP employees demonstrated the power of faith through their actions during this crisis… (Sentence only) CSSUP Logo

Slide 17: Serving as a bright light in the darkness for many, improving lives and providing hope. (Picture of hands clasped together in prayer)