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Dogs On Death Row

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CFC transcript for DOGS ON DEATH ROW video

Instrumental music playing throughout a slideshow of photographs narrative captions, to thank and show donors examples of the accomplishments they have made possible.

Frame Time Photograph Text
1 0:00 Dogs on Death Row banner Thank you to our donors. Because of YOU, all these lives have been saved.
2 0:03 Dog behind kennel grate looking over his shoulder Saved from pound seizure and cruel lab experiments.
3 0:08 Two dogs in a crate Peanut and Butter were left in a bathroom at a football field.
4 0:11 Person holding one little dog Peanut was quickly adopted.
5 0:15 Medium white and brown dog And Butter has found a new home, too.
6 0:19 Dog with bent foot Shot at close range, Butterball survived.
7 0:23 Sad black dog with brown and white puppy under her chin Momma and her puppies are victims of cruelty.
8 0:27 Happy healthy pitbull Romeo had heartworm treatment.
9 0:31 Animal rescue rig Because of your donations, over 31,000 animals have been transported and relocated.
10 0:34 Cute little puppy with pink bandage on leg Parvo survivor thanks to YOU!
11 0:39 Collage of pictures of happy dog Rusty has nothing but smiles now.
12 0:43 Thin wrinkled dog with mange Cody, before …
13 0:46 Same dog, healthy and clean … Cody after! Thanks to our donors.
14 0:50 Cute dog with goggles and service vest In loving memory of our mascot, Benji.
15 0:54 Dogs on Death Row banner
End 0:58