EDWIN RIVERA - A Success Story of Puerto Rico Youth at Risk

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Female Voice:
- Each youth of Puerto Rico Youth At Risk is a story, is a life.

Edwin [Voice Over] :

- You guys [PR Youth At Risk] are accomplishing something that's not easy.

- which is getting to that very difficult space inside the heart of today's youngsters.

- I was a bully.

- I liked fighting and my focus was never on school.

- My idea of how to be productive as an adult was a little bit wrong.

- I considered that being a drug lord could give me some money and respect on the streets.

- So, that was what at that point in time I was yearning for.

- I´m a Social Worker and I achieved a Master´s Degree.

- I think that each young guy in PR deserves the opportunity to develop tools that help him work through his emotions.

- ... and to understand that they are responsible for their actions.

- I believe in Puerto Rico Youth At Risk.

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