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My phone rings and we're walking on the Brooklyn Bridge and I look down and I see the area code. It's the area code that, you know, i'd called this number so many times just begging for somebody to help me, begging for somebody to believe me, to do something. Like I was constantly fighting and it felt like nobody was hearing me. And I picked up the phone and I was so guarded. And I said "Hello," and he said "Hi, my name is Dwight. I'm with the Commonwealth Attorney's Office. And I just want you to know, I believe you and I will stand with you." And I stop dead in my tracks. My friends were looking at me like, "What is going on?" And I'm bawling. Like, it was just, like this huge weight had lifted off of me. Like I was carrying so much, and when he said that, it was like he took it off of me for him to carry instead.