For Every Age, and Every Stage

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The Arc of Northern Virginia

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[Music: upbeat guitar with bells]
[Image: sleeping baby being held]
Voice-over: "Starting life with a disability, you and your family may need a helping hand...

[Image: teacher helping boy with learning disability off a school bus]
...navigating special education and learning about community activities,...

[Image: teens with disabilities laughing with friends in a restaurant]
...enjoying fun times and meeting new friends,...

[Image: man working in a window factory]
...finding a job you love and a place to call home,...

[Image: elderly couple outdoors, each with a walker - the man kisses the woman on the cheek]
...planning for a secure future for you and your family. ...

[Image: close-up of baby sleeping in crib]
...For every age and every stage of life, get started today. ...

[Image: Logo of The Arc of Northern Virginia and website URL}
...Visit The Arc of Northern Virginia."