Every child deserves to grow up and live a life free from hunger

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World Food Program USA

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[upbeat music plays]
The video switches between a colorful screen with text, and photos/footage of World Food Program USA beneficiaries:
Text: 45 million children suffer from severe hunger
Footage: women and children in a health center, a girl looking into the camera
Text: Hunger claims the lives of 3 million children each year
Footage: a child looking into the camera, a child being measured for malnutrition
Text: Food can save their lives
Footage: people sitting,
Text: The United Nations World Food Programme
Footage: a child playing near his friends, a plane dropping food supplies
Text: Reaches millions of families
Footage: a father carrying his child walking through a flooded river, a mother holding her child, children walking, someone delivering food supplies via camel,
Text: With specialized nutritional support
Footage: a man sitting with a starving child, a young child drinking water, a mother feeding her child, a woman cooking wearing a mask,
Text: Feeds 15 million students
Footage: a student eating, children sitting in class, families eating together,
Text: In 60 countries
Footage: a child carrying a box full of food, a child eating, a family eating, girls walking through a conflict zone carrying food supplies, a baby eating,
Text: Trains mothers
Footage: women cooking together, children eating,
Text: To grow, sell, and store food
Footage: a woman collecting crops
Text: this is how we feed a child’s dreams one meal at a time