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Video opens with Extra-Ordinary Birthdays (EOB) Executive Director, Schinnell Leake talking about the culture and mission of EOB. With light music in the background Schinnell says:

“As the founder and executive director of Extra-Ordinary Birthdays

I’m extremely proud and humbled by the culture and care we have created

In providing personalized birthday parties for children and families experiencing homelessness

Extra-Ordinary Birthdays brings the simple joy of birthday parties to homeless children from babies to teens in the Washington DC area.

And we work to accomplish this every month

Giving them a sense of recognition and value on their special day

While also creating a time of togetherness for families

Were the only organization of its kind in the capital area

That throws personalized birthday parties for homeless children

That are unique to their likes and interests keeping them at the center of attention

Through our work, Extra-Ordinary Birthdays shines a light on the homeless children for their birthday

Which contributes to their self-esteem and worth

Celebrations that show that children despite their circumstances

Are worth celebrating and truly one of a kind”

Video ends!