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Carmela Dubbs: FRESHforce campe at a perfect time for me, as i had some issues with school closing down.

Mike Perkins: The program actually consists of making sure that we help people in our community that we serve every day get a next-level start with job placement. When Carmela came to us for the program she had told me that she’s actually enrolled in a school here in Tampa, and the school actually shut down and took all of her money that she put into the school, which was very, very disheartening. So when she signed up for the program she was looking for, literally, a fresh start to start her whole life over.

Roberto Torres: For us it was a blessing in disguise because it was very extensive, thorough training that gives us an opportunity to plug her right into the kitchen.

Carmela: I really like the opportunity that Blind Tiger has given me. And FRESHforce and Feeding Tampa Bay has been a huge help in that transition at this point in my life.