Flood Resilience Financing

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Mercy Corps

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(music plays)
[video of people walking through water] [on screen text: Flooding affects more people globally than any other type of natural hazard.]
[video of woman standing] [on screen text: Rising sea levels will put more than half the world’s population at risk.]
[on screen text: And as the effects of climate change intensify]
(sirens wail) [footage of high winds, flooding and destruction cross the screen]
[image of flooded homes] [on screen text: the problem will only get worse.]
[image of flooded river and children walking through flooding] [on screen text: It’s estimated that the cost of adapting to climate change is over $1 trillion per year]
[on screen text: And those affected will disproportionately be from low-emission, less developed countries.]
(upbeat music plays)
[video of blue sky] [on screen text: But there is still time to act.]
[on screen text: Every $1 invested in flood prevention saves up to $5 in future losses.]
[video of farming equipment] [on screen text: In Indonesia]
[video of farmers talking] [on screen text: Mercy Corps Indonesia (YMCI) is expanding its innovative finance work to increase flood resilience financing]
[video of supplies being moved, logistics workers talking] [on screen text: to prepare communities for the challenges to come]
[video of flooded homes] [on screen text: and to improve livelihoods.]
[on screen text: Join us.]