Food Connections: A Partnership With the Oklahoma City Housing Authority

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Food Connections: A Partnership with the Oklahoma City Housing Authority
On screen with video of food distribution in background: In May 2021, the Regional Food Bank partnered with the Oklahoma City Housing Authority to open the first on-site senior pantry for residents of the Jeltz and McGuire Senior Centers.
Out of an abundance of caution due to COVID-19 risks, the Regional Food Bank halted the Senior Mobile Market in April 2020 and instead, dropped off boxes of shelf stable food each month.
Discussions soon began with the Oklahoma City Housing Authority about how to continue to serve residents in a safe and convenient manner.
Unused space was found at the Jeltz Senior Center and the possibility of an on-site pantry became a reality.
Mason Weaver, Regional Food Bank employee and narrator audio: Our Senior Mobile Market Program has been a mainstay of our senior programming at the Regional Food Bank.
On screen showing seniors receiving food in the background: Prior to the pandemic, the Regional Food Bank’s Senior Mobile Markets would visit the Oklahoma City Housing Authority sites each month and set up an outside distribution, regardless of weather.
Mason Weaver audio: One of the challenges with it has always been the weather because we didn’t have a place in the vast majority of the senior centers that we work with, the most of the time we had to do those outside. There’s a huge difference between being able to have a cart and walk around through what is essentially a small grocery store.
Donnell, resident of Jeltz-McGuire Senior Center audio: When you give, the world gives back, and I’m a true believer in giving.
On screen: The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma logo, Combined Federal Campaign #67922