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Fred Finch Youth Center

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Fred Finch former participant describes the impact her time at Fred Finch made on her life.

"So tell us about your experience at Fred Finch Youth Center"

"It was a wonderful experience. It's had a very big impact. The growth that I've had internally-- learning to love my voice, the literal sound of my voice. Learning it's okay to cry, it's okay to scream. I learned to stand up for myself. Before I left, Charles wrote sixteen affirmations for me and one of them was 'I will love me today.' And I held onto that, and I still hold onto that, and it's a daily struggle, it is. But what I got from here, I apply to my life every single day. I learned to use my voice. I learned to write, I learned that I wanted to be a writer and I do have a published book. I matured here-- this place changed my life. Completely, one hundred percent changed my life."