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Dr. Shook: We provide medications for free to each one of these patients. Many of the programs designed to help the poor left these people out. So we had to create a totally free clinic. Among our patients, a four dollar prescription is still beyond their cost. By giving them free medications, we found that they're very cooperative and respond extremely well and they're very grateful.
Dr. Meier: One beneficiary of this open arms policy is Jorge Leon, a Manos Juntas patient for more than two years.
Jorge Leon (Spanish): El trato que eh tenido, todos los medicamentos y las intervenciones que necesitaba. Por lo tanto, gracias a Manos Juntas por cubrir todo y por ayudarme a pagar todos mis medicamentos aquí también.
Jorge Leon (English): I received all treatment, all the medications, and interventions that I needed. Therefore, thank you to Manos Juntas for covering everything and for helping me afford all my medications here, as well.