A Gift of Love

Charity Name
Homeward Animal Shelter

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Young Announcer V.O.
They come to us,
abandoned, lost, and all alone…
in need of care,
through no fault of their own.

Yet through it all,
they ask so little, but give so much…
all they seek in return,
‘a loving home, and a gentle touch.

They warm your heart
with a wet nosed kiss, or gentle purr…
proving that a pet’s
a gift of love, wrapped up in fur.

Call or stop in today
at the Homeward Animal Shelter…
and we’ll bring you,
and your new best friend, together.

Out on Music

Fade to Black

Open on sad looking dog in pen
Dissolve to sad looking cat in pen

Dissolve to dog reaching up from pen for attention

Dissolve to cat reaching up from pen for attention

Dissolve to dog licking man’s face

Dissolve to child holding content cat

Dissolve to parents and child carrying cat out door

Dissolve to end slate graphic “Homeward Animal Shelter
1201 28th Ave. N., Fargo, ND 58102”