Girls on the Run - DC: Growing the Whole Girl

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Growing the Whole Girl - Video Transcript

This is a video about the Girls on the Run - DC youth development program. Volunteer Coaches and program participants are sharing what they love about Girls on the Run - DC and the impact it has on individuals and the surrounding communities.

The video begins with program participants walking together down the sidewalk and a coach running alongside a girl.

Alicia Prince (Volunteer Coach): I absolutely love Girls on the Run. I didn't have that opportunity to get out here and run. I grew up in a very urban environment as well. So, this is a great inspiration for me to get out here with these girls every day - because I want to be able to give them that - to give them the chance to work on themselves physically but to also grow themselves emotionally, spiritually - they’re growing the whole girl and I love it.

Jaia (Student): One of my favorite parts of Girls on the Run is that we get to be active and we're always exercising and we get to be involved with our fellow girls and our teachers.

Carletta Hurt (Volunteer Coach): It’s hard to stand up for somebody because you are afraid of what might happen. It’s not just running - running is one small aspect of the program. It’s really about the things they teach them to build their confidence and kind of keep their Star Power - that’s the one phrase we use a lot - “Where’s your Star Power?” or “Don’t let your Star Power get dimmed by somebody else.” Girls on the Run is about building self-esteem and confidence in young girls.

Video ends and fades to black.