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Guide Dogs for the Blind, Inc.

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Guide Dogs for the Blind CFC Video
CFC#: 10970
Objective: Introduce federal employees to Guide Dogs for the Blind’s life-changing mission of creating exceptional partnerships between people, dogs, and communities. The video also thanks individuals who have previously donated or plan to support Guide Dogs for the Blind in the future.

Thank you!
Audio/voiceover: Upbeat music plays throughout. Christine Benninger (President & CEO): We want to thank you for all you do to further GDB’s mission. I know you believe as we do that every eligible person who is blind or visually impaired should have the opportunity to partner with an exceptional guide dog. Guide dogs change lives in so many ways by providing (Sergio Lopez-Hernandez, client & GBD resident advisor) enhanced independence, (Vickie Kennedy Client) enhanced confidence, (Faith and Caleb Snapp, Clients) enhanced mobility, (Maia Scott, Client) enhanced companionship and emotional support, Belo Cipriani, Client) and greater inclusion. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Guide Dogs for the Blind (logo against a black background). The logo shows a person and guide dog in profile walking together with the words Guide Dogs for the Blind underneath them.
CFC# 10970