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Guide Dogs of Texas Inc

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Guide Dogs of Texas, inc.

We asked our Clients how their
Guide Dog changed their life.

Here's what they had to say...

I couldn't do this adventure without her

or I could, but I wouldn't want to.

Having a guide dog kind of like having a sports car for blind people
because Duncan will be able to zoom his

way in and out of areas with me.

Having Bell I feel confident and secure
in my surroundings.

We guide dogs of Texas, provide mobility,

freedom and independence for Texans
with blindness or visual impairments,

our professionally bred, raised,
trained and personally matched.

Guide dogs serve as eyes for Texans and
are their loving and constant companions.

It costs just $17 dollars a day

to provide guided sight to an individual
who is visually impaired.

Since we are not government funded,
it is because of donors like you that we

are able to provide guide dogs
at zero cost to the client.

final screen reads:

"CFC#39803 and SECC #470019"