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Boy Scouts of America Great Rivers Council

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How do we find ourselves looking at these happy scenes?
What tools have helped these young people start on the road to becoming useful, productive citizens?
The answer is … Scouting.
Parents and community leaders want to find ways to let all youth reach
their potential; we all want the best for our neighbor's kids as well as our
Young people don’t join Scouts asking to have their character developed—they want to have fun, make friends, and be outdoors. It is through our programs, summer camps, and community service projects that the magic of character development happens. Through your investment in the Great Rivers Council, you are changing lives for the better by supporting character-building programs for thousands of youth. All youth.
Scouting is not done in a vacuum - the local unit is the most visible
part, but there is a district and a council to support the BSA program.
Districts supplement the unit's program with events like camporees & day camp;
The Great Rivers Council keeps leaders current with the latest training and program help, provides council programs such as merit badge universities, and most important, provides the big camping stage named the Lake of the Ozarks Scout Reservation.
Great community programs don't just happen; success takes
dedicated volunteers, time, energy, and treasure to make it all work.
The Great Rivers Council is no different.
Your contribution will help our Great Rivers Council Scouts become great citizens, leaders, sons & daughters, husbands & wives. Friends of Scouting gifts support our local Council and the Scouts that live here. What is donated here remains here.
Please support the youth of your community today by contributing to the Friends of Scouting campaign in the Great Rivers Council.
Scouting has been a light during difficult times to help develop character in youth and provide opportunities to serve and lead. Join us to ensure that the flame of Scouting burns bright for years to come in the lives of youth and families in the Great Rivers Council.