Help LifeLine start the next 20 years of lifesaving in Atlanta!

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LifeLine Animal Project

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Video depicting some of our work over the last 20 years. There is no spoken audio and instrumental music plays. The video shows scenes of staff, volunteers, and pet owners interacting with pets, unloading supply trucks, at our veterinary clinics, in the community, and giving the animals veterinary care, interspersed throughout. Clip of puppies being bathed with the caption "20 years of hard work together;" Clip of dog being petted and loved on with the caption "Two decades of mended bodies and hearts;" Clip of staff member handing small dog to pet owner at their home with caption "20 years of helping people and pets stay together;" Clip of dog hugging staff member with caption "20 years of finding solutions that save lives;" Clip of bonded pair of white cats with their adopters with caption "20 years of lifesaving because of you" followed by images of more animals with their adopters; adorable dog looking directly at camera with caption "Help us start the next 20 years of lifesaving." Blue background with the words "Donate to support all the ways we are working together to make a difference for people and pets in Atlanta"