Helping Those Who Helped Us

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An individual sitting and speaking with a sign in front of him showing the name of the non-profit (Abolere), the web site ( and the CFC # (47869) :
“I’m a veteran of the U.S. Army with 28 years of military service. Those years included 2 Rotations in Afghanistan, one in Iraq. I served but I didn’t serve alone. There were thousands of other country nationals who worked for contractors there. They provided our food services. Morale welfare. Laundry services. Everything you can imagine to make it comfortable. They took care of us. Now it’s our time to take care of them. These workers are seeking justice in the United States Courts to enforce the laws that Congress has passed, the Executive Order that was signed (by the U.S. President) as well as the Secretary of Defense’s Zero-Tolerance Policy against Human Trafficking. But they need your help and that’s what Abolere is doing. Please go to the web site ( to learn more about the prevalence of this practice as well as what you can do to stop it and assist these workers in obtaining justice. Thank you very much.”