Hope Rising from Ashes

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International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC)

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(siren wails, then soft music plays)
[on screen text: Spyros Doukoudakis and his daughter Olga used to live in Mati, Attica.]
[video of destroyed home] [translation of interview with Spyros: I was almost stepping on the fire, the flames reaching up to thirty-forty meters.]
[video of demolished building] [translation of interview with Olga: I could not have imagined that I would find my home in a state as if no one had ever lived in it. Everything vanished.]
[video of Olga, picking up remaining pieces from home] [Spyros: I return because I want to rebuild the house and make this place feel like home again.]
[video of Spyros outside his destroyed home, Olga and Spyros watering their garden] [on screen translation of the Narrator speaking in Russian: “Apostoli” and IOCC have been supporting the fire victims of East Attica with support programs, emergency aid and relief since day one.
[Narrator’s translation: “Apostoli” - help us change our lives.] [Apostoli and IOCC logos appear]