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Horses On Death Row

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CFC transcript for HORSES ON DEATH ROW video

Instrumental music playing throughout a slideshow of photographs narrative captions, to thank and show donors examples of the accomplishments they have made possible.

Frame Time Photo Text
1 0:00 Horses on Death Row banner
2 0:06 Man hugging horse Our donors make this kind of love possible.
3 0:11 4 horses grazing Saved from neglect and abuse …
4 0:16 Chestnut horse … you make it possible …
5 0:20 Horse with birthday hat on … to have many more birthdays.
6 0:27 Horse with stitches on face With successful surgery, Emma is now able to eat by herself.
7 0:32 Bay horse running Jasper is thriving because of our donors.
8 0:36 White horse with veterinarians Rooster was saved from slaughter. His injury required removal of his eye.
9 0:42 White horse with bandaged eye Your donations to Horses on Death Row have saved Rooster's life.
10 0:47 Palamino horse eating out of person's hand THANK YOU DONORS!
11 0:52 Horses on Death Row banner
End 0:57