How the NCCS Helped the Loos Family!

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The National Children's Cancer Society

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Meet Rhyan Loos, who was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma when she was only 6 years old. Since the NCCS began assisting Rhyan’s family in June 2017, the organization has funded 36 roundtrip flights and 18 cab rides to New York. She continues to be seen in NYC for a series of seven vaccines designed to shut down any cancer cells trying to form. She is now 10 years old.

Hi, we are the Loos'. I'm Brad, this is Jen, Brady, Charlie, and Rhyan. And uh just wanted to take a second and talk about how impactful the NCCS has been as Rhyan battled pediatric cancer for three years. So we had treatment out in New York City and every single time we needed a flight, the NCCS was there for us. Not sure how we would've gotten Rhyan to and from New York for her treatments. But uh, they made this possible and so we can't say thank you enough. And so thank you, thank you to the NCCS and thank you to everyone that donates to the NCCS. The money that you give is going drectly to help families like ours battle pediatric cancer. So thak you very, very much. Thank you. You guys got anything? Nope. You got anyting? No? Thank you.