Hurricane Relief

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Project HOPE

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[Camera being held by speaker, sitting in a truckbed, tall plants and blue sky visible behind.]
Tom: Alright this is Tom the director of emergency response for Project
HOPE. I'm in Abaco (Bahamas) right now.
[View changes as car begins to move down road. Ruined buildings visible behind.]
We just visited the clinic and I got a needs list from them.
We're driving to one of our local partners, Restoration Abaco.
We're driving to her house, to see what the state of it is
and more importantly see how her family is.
Obviously a pretty emotional time.
[Car passes a boat stranded on land just off the road, far from the ocean line.]
Tom: If you can see behind me, the devastation is pretty complete and it's quite hard to get around. There's no - power lines down everywhere. There's - you can see the boats have been washed far, far, far ashore.
[Turns camera around to shipwreck beside devastated home.]
Tom: So, this is a pretty dire situation. Pretty eager to get back to land and start sending medicines this way.