HVAF- Pamela's New Forever-Home

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HVAF of Indiana Inc.

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( Pamela) I was down-sized from my job and got laid off. (Narrator) Army veteran, Pamela Coleman found herself jobless and homeless. And needed help to get back on her feet. 9 months later, she now has a place to call home. Thanks to HVAF showing her the keys to a self-sufficient life.

(Pamela) Welcome, welcome, welcome to my new place! This is my new place. Got the keys-they're are mine!

I want to thank everyone for helping me get to this place of where I am (Crying). But HVAF my manager, Case Manager Amanda, Dorian, my daughter who's hiding. I just want to thank you guys so much.

It was hard work, but when you put in the work, the work will work for you!

HVAF of Indiana Inc. CFC Charity # 29708
For more Information visit: hvaf.org