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Two students and a tutor intern share their experience with Literacy Together's Youth Literacy Program.

I work with kids like first through fifth graders and we tutor kids to help them with their reading.

I have a condition, it's called dyslexia. I read letters and numbers backwards.

She helped me with my reading and letters and stuff. She goes through the steps with you.

School can be a lot of pressure on kids - and they are like "oh, well I'm not smart" and so it helps with their self-confidence. I think that is just beneficial to the community. And the youth are obviously our future.

The Youth Literacy Program provides volunteer tutors and summer interns for over 75 grade-school students each year.

In third grade I used to be like a first grade reading level and now I'm in like a fourth grade reading level.

It's just really exciting to see them grow and get better.