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I served in the united states military for 20 years and three days. When I came home, things were being noticed by my wife. She's the one that told me to go get help. I literally started crying. That first appointment...I have PTSD with anxiety. So I was introduced into the world of service dogs. K9's for Warriors saves shelter dogs and trains them to be service dogs for veterans. 90% of the dogs from K9s are rescues. I met Hanna on the 8th of January 2018. She's a rescue dog from Lake City, FLorida. She...she stole my heart. Things before I had Hanna were pretty rough. I couldn't walk into a store, into a movie theater. And with Hanna, I have that ability to do that. She's by my side. 24/7.
(to Hanna) "Such a good girl!"
Well, it's not just one life that they saved I believe they saved both of our lives. It allows me to be the husband, to be that father. I feel a part of me is coming back that I used to be, before I deployed. Daddy loves you. Support K9s for Warriors
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