The Kauai Humane Society wants to say mahalo for your support!

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The Kauai Humane Society

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When Hexagon came into the shelter, she was really, really sick. To the point that we didn't even know if she was going to make it. But thanks to the support of donors like you & all of our other wonderful supporters out there, she's on her way to recovery & soon she should be ready for adoption. (to kitten) Yeah? Say, 'thank you.'
Thanks to your love & donations, senior dogs like Boogie, here, get to play in these big, beautiful yards here at Kauai Humane Society.
Thanks to your support, we're able to send neonatal kittens like this home with lifesaving supplies like these incubators. Thank you.
Your support helps KHS take care of puppies like these until they're ready to be fixed and adopted which can take up to two months sometimes. Thank you.
Your support helps us utilize the tools we need to clean these kennels for each dog each and every day. Mahalo for your support.