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I'm Andria Tobin, Executive Director of Kid Power. And, for those of you who don't quite understand Kid Power yet, here's a quick brief introduction. At Kid Power, we serve over 1,000 young people in the District. Our mission is to inspire youth leadership by promoting academic excellence, physical and emotional wellness, and positive civic engagement in underserved communities throughout the District.
TEXT IMAGE: The Kid Power Impact
Series of photos with text:
1. PICTURE: Student studying TEXT: 92% of Kid Power students, maintained or improved English Language Arts grade.
2. PICTURE: Student working on a math problem. TEXT: 85% Kid Power students, maintained or improved their Math scores.
3. PICTURE: Group of students discussing classroom solutions. TEXT: 95% Kid Power students, successfully use conflict resolution skills.

Series of photos with text:
1. PICTURE: Group of older students working on a science project. TEXT: Inspiring youth leadership
2. PICTURE: Student with Art mask from the emotional wellness project. TEXT: Promoting physical & emotional wellness
3. PICTURE: Instructor working with two students in the summer program. TEXT: Preventing Summer Learning Loss
4. PICTURE: Kid Power students participating in the annual Kid Power Inauguration event. TEXT: Creating positive civic engagement
5. PICTURE: Mentor pinning student during graduation reception. TEXT: Increasing Academic and Graduation Rates
6. PICTURE: Kid Power student chefs in VeggieTime Program. TEXT: We Inspire.
7. PICTURE: Kid Power students working in the school garden. TEXT: We Engage.
8. PICTURE: Group of Kid Power students cleaning the community. TEXT: We Serve.

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