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Lake Area United Way, Inc.

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My name is Gary Hall and I work at the Georgia-Pacific facility here in Muskogee, Oklahoma. We give to the community through Lake Area United Way because they support programs that we invest in. Education, youth enrichment, and also make our community a safer place to live in.
The advantage for GP is that United Way has agencies that are deeply involved in those programs. Education and youth enrichment and also financial stability. We want people to work in the community and also start giving back to this community that we live in. And that makes everyone’s life better for them and our community.

Gary Hall, Lake Area United Way (LAUW) board member and employee of Georgia-Pacific explains why GP is eager to partner with LAUW. Brief scenes of the GP facility in action. Parents and children learning and playing in the community. Brief scenes of downtown Muskogee storefronts.