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Latin American Youth Center

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LAYC President and CEO and staff discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on LAYC youth and families and how programs and services have been adapted to continue serving and respond to emerging needs of youth and families in DC and Maryland. The video includes photos of LAYC youth and families engaged in LAYC programming and receiving emergency assistance from LAYC staff.

We've had families where the entire family was COVID positive and a middle school age is taking care of the younger siblings.
Andrea Bernard Barnola, LPC
Housing Project Manager
About 70% of our youth lost their jobs. So we had to adapt really quickly and respond to a lot of needs. They can't pay rent. They can't buy groceries...and they have children. One of the things that we did that was crucial was doing the food distribution. But, beyond that, there was also a need for increased case management and counseling services.
Mesagana Tesfahun
Arts & Media Enrichment Coordinator
So we still provided those spaces online for our young people, to see if they needed any food assistance or rental assistance.
Eskayra Pagan
Housing Program Manager
We actually have created a monthly space for our young people to come in and discuss how they are feeling. A lot of the youth that we serve are African American and they are also young people of color. We get our cues from our youth and families. As this gets prolonged it goes back to us to continuing to do the best that we can.
Together We Hope