Life in the Field | Philippines

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(music plays)
[on screen text: Life in the Field. Welcome to my school, Masbate, Philippines]
[A young girl named Joeliza holds the camera and speaks, English translations appear at the bottom of the screen.] [on screen text: Hello! Good morning! I am Joeliza. It’s my free time right now, so I’m going to give you a tour of our school. Let’s go!]
[video of Joeliza entering a classroom] [on screen text: I am now in our classroom. I am going to show you where I usually sit. Come let’s see.]
[video of Joeliza in front of bookshelves] [on screen text: Right now, I am in our library. I am going to look for a book for our quiz later. Before that, silence please!]
[video of Joeliza in a student garden with fellow classmates] [on screen text: I’m together with my classmates in the garden. Here, we clean the area and are taking care of the plants. Look there are flowers and fruit already.]
[video of Joeliza in front of her school] [on screen text: Oops! Time is up. It is already time for our next subject. Bye bye!]
[Plan International logo appears]