Macedonia FACE Partnering in the Community

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Macedonia Family and Community Enrichment Center (FACE)

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“Macedonia FACE is a beacon of hope in the community.”
-Michele Rone Cooper, Former Executive Director, McAuley Ministries Foundation
“Every time I hear their name it is in a positive light and they’re taking on a new initiative.”
-Michael Hurt, VP, Learning and Development Program Specialist, PNC University
“You know the care and concern by the Macedonia FACE team is genuine”.
Celeste Rhodes, President, Board of Directors, Macedonia FACE
“They are the definition of a community-based organization that is always willing to roll up their sleeves in times of comfort, in times of distress to meet the needs of the community”
-Kirk Holbrook, University of Pittsburgh, Hill District Community Engagement Center
“It’s easy to partner with an organization when they deliver on their promises and when they are responsible and accountable.”
-Michele Rone Cooper